oh, that sexy dancer

when i saw you
shaking your thang
on the dimly lit warehouse dance floor
i became instantly mesmerized
by your gyrating hips,
your infectious energy,
and your gorgeous face and body
(i was drunk so apologies for being shallow).

now i know
i have no issue
shaking my own thang
on the dance floor
so i approached you
like a gentleman,
expressing my interest through my moves,
not through words,
trying to see if I can woo you

And as that was going on,
in comes this
who pop and locks his way
towards our little union
and cockblocks me into oblivion
with his superior dance moves
and a much better sense of rhythm

I see your eyes instantly become riveted
and I know that I have lost this round
as I dance awkwardly by myself
around you two
and then slowly shuffle off
into the bar
to get another drink
but really to stare at my cell phone
and to try to make myself look busy.


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