A perspective of hatred against Muslims

they got no place in our country
Our red, white, and blue
our home
our haven.

These Muslims
these towel heads
these savages
these motherfuckers

They all deserve to die
don’t tell me that it’s only Al-Qaeda
I’m not going to listen to that
it’s their religion
something is wrong
with their religion
to create all these
suicide bombers
women stoners
emotionless monsters.

Do you see the news of what their religion preaches?
these news tells me Jihad is their holy struggle
their holy struggle to kill us all
to kill in the name of their Allah
but I don’t need the news to tell me
why my mother isn’t here with me.

Did you see the footage of the people
jumping off the burning towers?
My mother was one of those people
Muslims were responsible for this
for my mother to take the plunge
that would smash her body into bloody pulp
this is my proof that Muslims are monsters.

Don’t bring up any comparisons
that Christians have their own violent sects
that lynched, killed, and burned
countless Jews, blacks, Asians
over a span of hundreds of years
my mother wasn’t killed by Christians
they were killed by Muslims
and that is all there is to know.

Don’t bring up any attempts
to convince me that there is a deeper meaning
to what Jihad truly means
it doesn’t matter
my mother was killed by their Jihad
and that is all there is to know.

Don’t tell me that these Muslims
are people just like me
feel pain just like me
cry just like me
love just like me
laugh just like me
the more I can blame them
for the reason
why my mother isn’t here right now
the better I can feel about myself
comfort in my own hatred
and that is all there is to know.

That is all there is to know.


Late Night Poetry

Before I plop into my bed
and tuck myself in
I make it a habit to write
whatever is inside
my head
my heart
my soul
in the form of poetry
whether it be rife with rhymes
or seething uncontrollably with rants
and let it all out.

I like to think of this as my exercise
an exercise to not only be a better poet
but to be a better human being
constantly training myself
to be more expressive
to be more open-minded
to be more exposed
to be more unfiltered
to be more connected
with the intangible forces of Life.

No matter what my condition is
whether sick, fatigued, or empty
I will survive
and just
reveal myself
to the world.


I’m ten years old
feisty, stubborn, walking menace
pissed off at my mother (again)
I’m lying down on the grass
crying to myself.

I take a deep breath
wipe my tears away
and take note of the
the rolling green hill I’m on
the cool breezy autumn air I feel
the rustling of the trees I hear
the wet sweet dew of the grass I smell
the magnificent clouds I see.

I lose myself staring up into the sky
and get a strange conviction
that gravity will turn into levity
and I will fall upwards into the clouds
and embrace the white fluffiness
I’m waiting for it to happen any moment
but after an hour of waiting
and mighty will power concentration
I’m still grounded into the grass
and I feel a slight pang of disappointment
which is quickly forgotten
as my imagination comes to my rescue
and give me shape-guessing games
to keep my emotions busy and playing.

pirate ships
these are the shapes I see
and then
I see a large mama nimbus cloud rolling by
chasing after several smaller clouds
and I think about my mother
who must be worried about me

I take another deep breath
get up off the grass
brush off the grass strands
and hitchhiking ants
look at the clouds one more time
smile to myself and tell them
“I will be back tomorrow”

and return back home.

Dance the Night Away

There are times
when I got the blues
when I’m down and low
when I’m high strung out
when I’m enraged
that writing poetry,
eating Cinnabons,
or jerking off
just won’t do.

I need something to remind me
the joy
the exhilaration
to be alive
to be present
to just be
so give me some sweet, pulsating
hard hitting house music
and let it take me from there.

I step into the dance floor
allow the vibrations from the bass
the fast paced rhythms
the chaotic beats
to flow right into me
I close my eyes
to take it all in
let the beats flow
right out of me
in the form of pure

When I dance
there is no
there is only

All these negative emotions
they are expelled out me
but as they are released into the open
they become frigid with loneliness
I warmly invite them to come join me
but they want to dance in a frenzy
so I clear the space of any pesky people
as there is no room for them
with my wonderful dancing partners here

and together
we dance
we dance
we dance
the night

Dark Energy

There are dark energies
all around me,
surrounding me.

I can feel it
permeating all throughout the air.

I feel like I’m going crazy
and I know I can just stop
but I have to persist
in order to truly
understand these dark energies
make sense of them
talk to them
understand them
while making sure
that I don’t become


Bittersweet Life

Inspired by The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony”

I sometimes look at my past
imagine all the different ways
I could split and veer myself into
be a different man than I am today
be a million different people
from one day to the next
each day a wishful longing,
a longing unfulfilled.

Never content, never satisfied
I go through my life like a dream
blinking my eyes constantly
to see if I will wake up from this
monotonic sluggish dream
the hard truth that I refuse to take
any control over my reality
any resolve to change.

I had to realize
I was hurting in the inside
my pain too great to unfold
but one day
unlike all the other days
I heard a sound
a sound that recognized my pain

The sound released a ringing
A high-pitched ringing
that crept
that slithered
slowly into my ears
grew in size and volume
in such enormous monstrosity
the pressure caved into me
squeezing my soul tighter
and tighter
I let out a scream
a scream that shattered my fake faces
a scream that drove the ringing out.

I stood still
blissful nothingness
blissful emptiness
opened my arms
to allow Silence embrace me
and as we held each other
I let the melody come into me
I let the melody shine into me
let it cleanse my mind
and finally be free.

My Verse in Life

I remember this quote from Dead Poets Society,
where the teacher John Keating tells his students:

“That you are here – that life exists, and identity;
that the powerful play goes on
and you may contribute a verse.
What will your verse be?”

When I first watched this movie
back in the confusing years of adolescence
or any muse of self-expression
simply did not have a place,
there was just no room.

The room was unfortunately occupied,
occupied by some dumb guy
who called himself Self-Hatred
he never paid rent,
but made very loud noises
and destroyed everything in our room,
which included my favorite teddy bear
and cherished memories of genuine happiness.

He was such a destructive and annoying entity
that i couldn’t let out a free thought
or feel safe around him
and while this movie quote was awe-inspiring
The awe could not find its place in me
once again,
no available room
no available freedom.

Years later
with the lousy roommate kicked out
by my shiny boot of confidence
the room is now available
for this beautiful quote
to decorate the room
with its infinite skilled fingers.

I now know what my verse will be
to the point that if
I die a year from now
I surrender myself
to my words
my self-expression
my creation that will be