Sometimes, when all else fails, it’s best to just go old fashioned and just say what is in your heart and in your mind with complete honesty. No need for technology. No need for subtle mind games. Just the truth, the simple raw truth.

Sometimes, regardless if you are trained or not, we sing because the words we must express cannot be simply spoken. That the emotions we hold inside is too great, so great that it must be expressed with a melody.

Sometimes, without any consideration to how foolish you may look, it is soul relieving to just randomly dance in public for no logical reason. Unleash your dance of chaos.

Sometimes, in order to win the battle over your soul, you must open the suppressed prison that you lock away your demons. Open the lock, give them a hug, and show them love. Together, you can have the courage to truly express yourself. Open yourelf up, be not afraid of your vulnerability, and roar. Let the world know the divine raw unique beauty that is you.

Sometimes, when drama and unnecessary bullshit clamors over you, it’s best to just yell “Fuck it” and then make strange chicken noises at them.

Sometimes, not because you’re sad but because you are simply overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions, it is totally acceptable AND beautiful to just let loose and cry your heart out.

Sometimes, just because, tell a friend, your mom, dad, sister, brother, family relative, lover, dog, cat, tarantula, and even a random stranger how much you love them and the happiness they bring into your life.

With every one of these Sometimes,
you have the power to make a difference
ALL the time.