About Me

You can say that I’m a pretty ordinary guy. I work 9-5ish & late nights at a laidback office job to support my quasi naive ambitions of being an actor. I write poetry on a daily basis (and perform them on a blue moon basis) because I feel waaaay too much.

I keep in touch with my parents once every few months. Prone to immature fits and emo pouts, I rely on Cinnabons to keep me happy. I am greedy about my friends and can be overly possessive at times. I might still have some letting go issues?

But ultimately, I am defined by my overly developed passion to make a change in this world through the performing arts and activism. It is this drive that defines my ongoing life and it is the struggle against all things unjust that gives me this passion to be one heck of a talkative, unpredictable, stubborn man.



  1. Fiona · July 9, 2010

    Cinnabons are the best… I will wait for your ode.

  2. Jennifer Farfort · September 28, 2010

    You left FB and broke my heart ;P

  3. Caesar M · January 24, 2011

    Since I know you like Tron Soundtrack…

    The background music to this is very AWESOME and EPIC.

    You’ll like it….


    *slams smoke pellet to ground*

    *grabs grappling hook and points to adjacent building*


  4. Sherry J · January 11, 2012

    Dear Han,
    i just favorited your other blog and i signed up for this one. I just want to say that i think your awesome, paassionate, funny, edgy, and…sexy!! if i lived more closer to you i would scoop you up in a heatbeat….yet i dont know how you feel about dating a cougar (Im 32….:))…and i think your activism and standing your ground for what you believe in and speking up is admirable and refreshing. I love your youtube videos and i love your 8 asians features as well, especially that christmas shindig you covered that involved KevJumba and NigaHiga that you couldnt remember cause you were kickin back the brewskis……………..hilarious!!! And that video about you doing the streamline commercial really, really,really,really, really,really turned me on!!! You as a asian Hugh Hefner…..sign me up!!!! (well, speaking for myself,anything involving you+sex is a turn on to me………;)………….)I dont know if you will ever see this being that your busy being out and about,So, i just wanted to drop you a line to tell you to keep doing what you do and always stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Oh, and make more videos if times allows,too!!!

    God Bless!!!!

  5. jenielle · August 8, 2012

    Isnt it hard to always be yourself?
    To strive to be consistent and unchanging?

    I am always called the flowing stream around the rock. I settle for nothing less than what I deserve. One could even say I am the rock that you would break yourself against. But I dont want to be.

    I want to be the Moth that is drawn to the candle. Just once to let the candle burn bright for me and let me be swept up in its alluring glow, compelled, consumed.

    Tommorrow I take my place back upon my web, I will lead my pack as a good alpha should and bare my teeth against the world. Today, ah well lets just see……. :).

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