The Dark Woman In My Dreams

When I dream,
I dream a woman,
a dark woman
as dark as the starry night sky

I have once told this dream
to my dismayed parents
who lightly rapped my head
and innocently hoped
that it would be a fellow East Asian lady
(or at LEAST a white lady)
that would fill my dreams

But these dreams do not betray me
for they seem to tell me
that I find beauty in the darker skin;
the darkness gets me in awe,
like the starry night sky

I can’t explain this fascination
it isn’t objectification
it can’t be pinpointed
it doesn’t have a specific ethnicity
and whether it be black, Desi, or Filipina
I cannot say
except that I just can’t help
but be lost in glee
be lost in this dream of mine
and suddenly realize
that I have been staring at you
in quite an awkward fashion.

My sincerest apologies!
I thought I was in a dream,
and now that I see you
it’s funny how reality can reflect
the magnificent awe of my dreams.


One comment

  1. lani · June 6, 2012

    A figure in my dreams has personified a man like you.
    Society suggests I am not a favorable, beautiful hue,
    so he remains in my dreams, hoping his existence
    will someday be true.

    I wish my pigment did not lower my value
    I yearn for that one Asian sweetheart,
    that won’t find the love that I have to give, taboo
    (nor his parents too).

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