A Cinnabontastic NPM – #30 Quantum Reality

Could it be
that my life has already been complete
that I’ve been married for 50 years
with 5 kids
and 18 grandchildren
living blissfully in a house somewhere in Ann Arbor, Michigan
with one Oscar for best actor sitting as a table weight
and 2 corgis named Spike and Spiegel roaming around?

That all the things I’ve ever been worried about
has already come into fruition
it has already come to pass
it exists already
and all I have to do is imagine it to be so?

The frustration that I feel right now
will actually be rendered obsolete and irrelevant
because it has already come to pass
in a world not too different from the one I’m in now
in a reality that is created by observation and thoughts
which co-exists with what I see before me
that dreams become reality
and ambitions yield successful completions.

This is what I got from quantum reality
when somebody explained it to me
while listening with tipsy ears

I’m pretty sure this is nowhere near the actual definition
but it sure is a nice one to think about nonetheless.


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