A Cinnabontastic NPM – #25 Chew, chew, swallow

My mother always told me:
“chew at least 42 times before you swallow your food”
and that anything less would cause me
major indigestion problems
and possibility of food getting stuck in my throat
because I decide that swallowing an entire steak piece whole
would be a smashing brilliant idea.

As if 42 was some magical number
that needs to be followed and practiced
for food to be properly eaten and enjoyed
I, in my determination to be young forever,
scoffed at such a rule
and always enjoyed my food
in such a monstrous relish
that would astonish my friends
and enemies alike.

Today as I enjoyed my deep dish pizza
in the usual wolf-like vigor that I normally do
I have found out that my mother was quite right
that at some point,
my proclamation that I can be young forever
in all aspects of my life,
will soon be a hollow, painful, ring
as I sit on top of a toilet for 20 minutes
cursing at myself
why I didn’t chew 42 times.


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