A Cinnabontastic NPM – #22 Sleep, Damn It!

Like a chronic trivial disease that infects the best of us
I just can’t seem to sleep at a normal time of
let’s say 11pm (or 12am for starters).

I could really fall asleep right at 12am
but there are too many things to do
not necessarily anything truly
of sheer mind blowing significance,
no productive castles to build and mold
but rather utter sheer procrastination
to entertain my self into silly stupor.

Perhaps this is a syndrome
found commonly in us big city folks
where the daily lifestyle is that of chaos
and things to constantly do
while in the smaller, quieter towns
Boredom is your best friend
and sleeping early is a cool thing to do
because really,
what else is there to do?

Do I want Boredom as my best friend?
Fuck no.
I’ll take sleeping late like a procrastinating monster
any day of the week.


I would like to challenge myself to sleep early.

Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.



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