A Cinnabontastic NPM – #21 Redefining Circles of Friends

The circles of friends that I possess dearly
they shift and turn in such unpredictable ways
some are ever so subtle and only within years
do I notice the distance that lies between us,
distance not created out of spite
but because of threads that we no longer share.

Some are ripped apart with violent ferocity,
pulled apart by great misunderstanding
or a relationship torn asunder by the pain
we cause to each other
whether it be jealousy or hatred.

I used to hold such islands
with fear and clenched greed,
my hands refusing to let these lands
take the shape as they will
and even if they were changed
by forces caused by elements under my watch,
I still attempt to cling on for dear life.

With time
I have come to learn,
that these lands must change as they will,
and new ones come for me to take part in,
and old ones can always come back
many years later
to memories long past
but not forgotten.


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