A Cinnabontastic NPM – #18 Groovy, Simpler Times

(Reflections upon being in a bar with painstaking detail given to have it be set in a 1970’s house party.)

I have fantasies that stir around in my head
wondering what it would be like
if I was time warped into a much groovier time
a time when disco was king
Freddie Mercury was alive and kicking
bell bottoms was the fashion trend to keep up with
and there was no social media
so nobody could stare down at their phones
in the middle of a house party.

But then I realize
“My God, it would suck being Asian at that time.
It would be only as groovy as I would imagine
if I was a white heterosexual human being.”

And then I instantly transport myself
out of this delusional fantasy
and back into reality
while I stare at my phone
to look at the latest viral cat video on YouTube.


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