A Cinnabontastic NPM – #15 Commitment

Ever since as a kid
I always fashioned myself
as an old fashioned romantic,
the kind who’s looking for The One
That Special Person
Who I Will Spend My Entire Life With
And Be So Extremely Happy With
and all that fuzzy romantic jazz.

That I want to find myself committed,
loyal, honest, and true
and be with the one and only.

I maintain this dream for so long
that I have come to find out
that I am more scatterbrained
than I ever hoped to anticipate.

Like a demented squirrel
milling about in puffy cocaine,
I find myself so easily distracted
I find myself so incredibly busy
with my career as my number one priority
that having a relationship that lasts more
than one solid full year
feels like agonizing eternity for me.

But even though my body fights against it,
yearning for the desire to do
I look at Commitment
I look at Her
and I want to tell Her

“I want you. I want you so bad.”

And She in return will whisper:

“You’ll have me when you found the right one.”


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