A Cinnabontastic NPM – #14 Elevator Drama

One of my greatest trivial fears
was turned into reality
as I saw my keys fly from my pocket
and fall neatly into the elevator shaft
of the apartment that I call home.

As the keys fell perfectly within the gap
I had a moment of epileptic panic seizure
as my frazzled materialistic mind
begin to twist itself into pieces:

holy shit
my house keys
my car keys
my Ralph’s card key
all gone within the darkness of an elevator shaft.

When the thought of me being concerned
over a Ralph’s card key
came into my head
that was when my sheer panic
instantly combusted itself into giggle fits.

Look at me
worrying over such trivial things.

Stress never does me no good
as my shoulders tense and hunch up
adding yet another layer of rigid mountains
that would take a rock driller to plow through.

As I called the elevator repair service,
at ease with whatever will happen next,
to prepare that I must wait until the next day
to prepare whatever financial costs it will take
to retrieve this idiot’s keys,
I explain my situation and I hear:

“We’ll be there in 20 minutes. Free of charge.”

Within these moments,
Karma must have smiled down upon me.

I must have done something good in this world.

Let’s continue to pay it forward.


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