A Cinnabontastic NPM – #13 What is a Person’s Worth?

A friend and I came across the topic
when having a lovely catchup
a heart to heart
a bonding of memories and minds
and we came across a topic
that gave us both great pause

“What is a person’s worth?”
“What makes them worthy?”

Now we agree to assume the position
that neither of us are gods
or in any position of power
to deem a person fit for living
or dying
depending on their wroth.

But if we were to ask this question truly
what would it be?

Is a person’s worth measured
by financial, material, spiritual, emotional means?

Can one person be worthy to some
but completely useless to others?

Is it possible that worth can still be merited
when a person is a monster to the whole world
but an angel to his or her family?

A sea of questions begin to fill our minds
as we sat in silence looking at each other
and then into the people that surrounded us,
as we couldn’t quite put a finger to it.

I mean, after all, who are we to determine what is true worth?

Throughout this musing process,
all I could think of was

“Give, baby, give.”

A person’s worth can never be judged by anyone
except by the beings above
whether you call it God, Yahweh, Allah,
or any of the spiritual beings that we put faith in
but if we were to challenge ourselves as a human species
it is to challenge the notion that at any moment in time
we give ourselves as much as we can
without any expectation or return whatsoever.

We do it
because we simply can.

How you treat one person
is how you treat everybody
and by letting the notion of give
seep into our minds and hearts
to give not only materialistically
but ourselves
just being there
just listening
just to hug them close
just to give them our time
just to give them a smile
these simple things can go quite a long way.

Yet despite its simplicity
it becomes a burden or a chore to many of us
even the best of us
we become wary that our kindness
will be warped and twisted
and taken as an invitation
for a malevolent intention that we did not intend.

And so we close ourselves off
we become wary of strangers
even wary of our friends and family
that our generosity and kindness can be used as weapons
spikes that can turned around and impale our heads upon
such is the price we pay when we grow older
and become more jaded of this world.

These are valid feelings
valid concerns
concerns that can all too well
make ourselves closed off
to the impact we can make in this world.

After all,
in the end,
our lives are nothing but microcosmic specks
in the grand enormity of the universe
our actions, our accomplishments,
will soon become forgotten
with Time sweeping us by.

So why not make the most of this speck?
Why not show our worth to the grand cosmic scheme of things
that we can change a life in ways we cannot even comprehend
through just the act of giving.

So give, baby, give.
Let’s show what our worth truly can be.


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