A Cinnabontastic NPM – #10 Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree.

Something about those two words
appeal to me in a grandiose cosmic sense
though I’m not sure if it’s because
I first heard of those words
when I bought my favorite U2 album
and listened to it for weeks on end
or if it’s because I’m surrounded
by a bunch of hipsters and spiritual people
who tell me how mindblowing the experience it is
to take a trek up the desert landscape
and becoming one with nature
with a lil’ help from Mother Nature itself
ingested into your respiratory and digestive systems.

But as I toil away in this menial everyday tasks
of appearing on some form of electronic screen
and getting a lot of money for it for whatever reason,
the thought of this massive deserted getaway
sounds like a task that I must do
while listening to the U2 album
and most likely throwing away my cell phone
to the coyotes so they can start learning
how to become social media saavy.


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