A Cinnabontastic NPM – #8 Stream of Consciousness, Part II

this is yet another exercise
in freeing my ever so structured mind
where everything goes here
pitter patter pitter pat
here and there
this does not compute
must eliminate
you are causing me too much problems
i shall immediately cut you out
and feel no repercussions afterwards.

There are times when I feel more machine than human
my ability to barrel through and not let anything bad get to me
but in the process not let anything PERIOD get to me either.

Sometimes I have to force myself to pause
to sit
to stop looking at my fucking phone
and seeing how many FB feedbacks I’ve gotten
in the past 3 minutes
since the last time I looked at my phone
my addiction to these social media monsters
are becoming quite terrifying
as if the hunger they have
grows by the week
and soon
I will be a walking, talking
cell phone without quite looking at strangers
in the eye
saying hi
noticing the color of their necklace
or the nifty red Converse they have.

I need to just be
and not worry about a thing
I worry a lot
my mother tells me
it’ll make my hair even grayer
(as if it wasn’t gray enough)

a peace of mind
detachment from all things trivial
will do me a world of good.

I know that.
But wait, I have to check this email.


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