A Cinnabontastic NPM – #6 The Troll Within Me

With the creation of the Internet
and within its anonymous safe walls
came the birth of such hideous creatures
that say the most horrific mean things
to people they don’t even know,
who cannot be reasoned with whatsover,
while also yelling “FIRST”
in every occasion they can get.

I like to think of such creatures,
known only as “trolls”,
were just that:

Like the kind you see rampaging in a fantastical forest
with horrendous physical features
and stomp around looking for squirrels to eat.

But disappointingly,
these trolls
are truly people,
human beings like you and I,
who were actually born from another human being,
and most likely have significant others
or children
that actually care for them.

The thought boggles my mind
and I tell myself with such defiance
that I could never become such a troll
I am above all reproach,
of jealousy and spite,
that I am a perfectly decent human being.

Yet in this statement I must give pause,
for I have remembered times of low,
when I felt like I was beneath the ground
that even shit sits upon.

And in those moments,
I look upon the successes of others
and I see myself transforming,
my skin turn coarse with jealousy,
my face twist itself with bitterness,
and my appetite transformed
to eating the squirrels of tranquility.

I look upon the mirror
and see that I too
can become the monster
that I placed judgment upon
that this ugliness
is not beyond impossibility
that within me
within all of us
lies a troll
just itching to get out.


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