A Cinnabontastic NPM – #1 An Open Letter to Angry Asian Woman

Dear Angry Asian Woman,

As I write this to you now
please take me with an open mind

for whatever I say next
will be geared not towards your benefit
(I am in no position to)
but just for me to speak to you
from one fiery stubborn spirit
to another
nothing more
nothing less.

Gotta say
I admire your ferocity
I admire your dedication
and most importantly,
I admire your ability
to not give a flying fuck.

It’s quite beautiful to see.


(and here comes the but’s)
like any fire that burns brightly
comes the great risk
of burning everyone around them
and I fear this too will happen to you.

Now this is where
you can easily tell me
to go fuck myself
or check my male privilege

and to that,

I can’t argue with you
because after all
who am I to tell you anything?

I can only tell you things
that comes from an experience
not too different from your own.

I do not ask of you to change your fire
to be some dreadfully boring dustball
your fire is something you should keep
and I hope you keep it for the rest of your life
I hope that you sincerely do
for your voice and passion
can move mountains
change lives
get people to think
get people to express
get people to believe.

I daresay you may already have.

I only ask that many of us
are not the enemy that you think we are
we may disagree with you completely
we may get snarky with you
we may get impatient with you
but we are not your enemy.

And yes, I have a feeling
this “we” word
is not a word
that you would find much comfort in.

I can’t blame you,
I hate that word as well.

For more often than not
it feels like “we” sounds
like a sinister group of uncaring gargoyles
A group of others
who is trying to control me
restrain me
tell me what to do
what to say
what to think
and what to be.

“I want to be fucking free, goddammit!”

I still have those wild stallion tendencies
and I know you do too.

But I can tell you
perhaps once in a while
listen to what they have to say
not because it’s for your own good
but because it might be nice
to listen to what others who disagree with you
may have to provide.

It could be nice.
or not.
and hey
if you don’t agree with it
that’s totally cool too,
but at least you gave it a shot.

To this day,
I still don’t agree with the “We” has to say,
most of the times anyways.

But at least I can see they’re not the Enemy.

And for some of them
they can even be my good friends.

I hope one day you too will see this
because when that day comes
the amount of mountains you move will be
magnificent beyond belief.

I can’t wait when that day comes.


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