HanSarang Thoughts #15: Deflated Balloon / Hit and Run

I woke up this morning feeling like a deflated balloon, an Eeyore you could say. Each step was 10 pounds too heavy, each breath of air was an effort. The world just seemed slower and I just drifted here and there.

This is a dangerous mood to be in because when left unchecked, it can turn into something quite destructive. It is here that one must keep themselves busy, no matter how strong the urge may be to just sit around and not do anything. I believe in situations like these that production is the basis of morality. This is something my acting teacher would say at my acting school but I know it easily applies to people who are not actors.

So against my deflated stubborness, I get myself to be busy throughout the day, to see people and engage myself with them 100%. It was a day that saying “yes” was crucial, even if I didn’t feel like it.

And boy, did I not regret it.

New sights were explored and experienced. Stories to be told. A new favorite hangout spot to now have fun at. All because I was willing to say yes when a friend asked me at 10pm if I wanted to go out, even when I didn’t feel like it. The adventure didn’t stop there though.

My night ended with a 2nd hit & run I experienced in my life when I was with my friend and a new friend as we were waiting for a parking spot near 2am in Koreatown for some tasty 24 hour Korean food. As we were waiting, a car behind us backs out his spot and collides into my back bumper. We get out of the car and then we see the car driving away. Not to be content with a motherfucker like that, I chased the fucker down on foot, T-1000 style, while my friend got his license plate and his car model. When I got to the driver, I ended up going so fast before I stopped that I tore off the driver’s side view mirror. Ignoring the mirror hanging off on its side, I looked straight at the driver and told him matter of factly that I got his license plate and it would be wise for him to stop. He simply responded “OK” (with his Asian girlfriend in the car giving me a blank stare) and drove off into the distance.

I’m standing there a bit dumbfounded since one would think it would be much more convenient to exchange driver information instead of driving off and end up committing a hit & run felony. I was also dumbfounded by all the loitering Koreans that were watching this happen and just stood theThis occasion also marked the first time I ended up having to call 911 in my life.

Lordy lord, what a night.


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