HanSarang Thoughts #13: Don’t Do Everything at Once, Kiddo

Typically a syndrome of the young and the restless (no connection to the CBS soap opera) is that we feel inspired that we need to do everything all at once. We want stability, financial wealth, happiness, a dog that breathes fire, and so on and so on. But unfortunately, when we try to do everything, we end up doing absolutely nothing and become extremely upset about it.

“What are my accomplishments that I have made so far? Have I made any in my life?”

There was a time where I used to ask this to myself on a constant basis and drove myself crazy with depression by doing so. It made me question my self worth excessively, especially when I compare myself to others who have done it better, faster…others who have done more in a less period of time.

Similar to how it is best to think of one’s journey as a marathon, and not a race, it is also important to take pride in every single victory you have achieved, big or small. If life’s journey is like climbing Mount Everest, be proud that each day you have climbed this high. Even if you only climbed 100 ft for that one day, that’s 100ft more than what you did the previous day. Even if you find yourself stumbling back, whether by your own doing or that of fate, the biggest victory is that you have decided not to give up or descend down to the ground.

We often believe that steps for success has to be relevant to our career or monetary/influence worth. That is not the case. Because if all of your fancy titles, the number of popular tv shows you were on, and everything of these matters were stripped away from you, what do you have left? It is here that most of us will believe that we have nothing, that we ARE nothing. It is here that we believe wee are only the sum of our tangible successes and contributions we make to society.

So what riches can we give when we have nothing to offer that is tangible? That is where each and every one of us have our unique treasures. Some of us have the innate ability to make everybody in the room smile. Others have the burning desire to question and are constantly compelled to seek the truth. Our family. Our friends. The ones we can depend on when we stumble and fall…these amazing people are also part of the foundation that you must be thankful for. These are the gifts we often neglect because we feel they are worth nothing celebrating. It’s certainly not an Oscar or a Grammy or a $1 million paycheck.

But when we can depend on our very essence as the foundation to why we are worth celebrating, then everything can build from there.


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