HanSarang Thoughts #9: The Friend That Is Still Mad At You

What is really one of the consequences of taking pleasure in pissing my own people off is that it also bleeds into pissing people off in general, especially your friends. Earlier last week I had the misfortune of making a lame joke at the cost of a friend’s reputation and thought for the most part it was harmless. I, being the loud jester that I am, keep on forgetting that a woman takes things much more seriously than a man when you put her reputation on public blast, even if it was just a joke or something outlandish that nobody would take seriously.

So yeah, I did just that. I knew right away from her comment that she was mad so I texted and called right away to apologize.  After about 20 minutes of apologizing and realizing the error of my ways, it seemed that, at least for the most part, several things have been patched up and things are on its way for our friendship to resume (even though I will continue to make amends). Later that week, a mutual friend would come to inform me that this is not the case and that even our friendship is in jeopardy. “All a woman has is her reputation and if you destroy that, she has nothing”, this friend would say.

I won’t lie, I did kind of freak about this when I heard what was coming out of this mutual friend’s mouth. So basically, the friend I pissed off is STILL pissed off at me even though it sounded like things were very well on its way to recovery. That even our FRIENDSHIP is in jeopardy. Eventually, I decided to let it go.

Several days roll by and I see my friend perchance last night. As she was saying hi to my other friends that were present, I could immediately tell my greeting would be a most reluctant one. You know that feeling when there’s this deep yucky tension drifting in the air between you and the one that you have spited? Yeah, that was there. Sure, we did our polite talk but I quickly asked her if she was still mad at me. She said yes and then I joked that our mutual friend said that we weren’t friends anymore. There was a pause and then she responded lightly: “Well, at least we’re Facebook friends.”

Wait, what? My smile drops immediately from my face and I asked her if she was serious. She then gently pats me away and said we’ll talk about it. I didn’t return the courtesy of saying goodbye as I actually got mad at this whole communication exchange.

Before I go any further, for those of you wondering what she was still pissed off about, I basically made a joke on the good ol’ Facebook about certain type of women who have no mental stability. I then included her as a tag in the following comment along with several other women. Okay when I actually type this out now, it sounds horrible even to me at this point and even I wouldn’t want to continue being friends with the person who made a potentially devastating facebook unfunny joke blast. Ugh.

I don’t like having friends that are pissed off at me. Then again, nobody does.


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