HanSarang Thoughts #7: Finding That Perfect Woman

The pursuit of finding a compatible, stable, loving someone…the stereotypical journey that we all go through and can’t stop talking about. After all, it’s everywhere we go and see, from commercial ads, films, tv shows, novels, and everything that we can grasp our hands on as we all secretly fear that we will die single, alone, and our living room full of empty beer cans or cats.

My biggest problem is that while it’s great to have a woman who looks pretty and has a great attitude, she would have to challenge me intellectually. I get turned on just like the next guy over a woman’s hot body but this doesn’t get me inspired, especially after I gauge what kind of woman she is from the first words that utter out of her mouth to her body language when she is receiving me.

I am that passionate dude who likes to get into discussions or as my friends would say, I have a penchant for arguing. So I have come to learn that the woman has to at least match that or otherwise I get bored really easily.

Obviously if I want to get real nitpicky, I would list off all the wants and suggestions but ultimately it all boils down to that confounding “IT” factor. The chemistry, the spark, that is required and when present, it overrides everything in your thoughts, flips over any bias or judgments you may possibly have. In that moment, there is only that person, she who looks at me and smiles and everything in the world is just peachy.

I’ve only had this twice in my life and I remember that feeling all too well. The sensation is similar to that of fire, this fire that makes me extremely flustered, where words become problematic to roll out of my tongue, where I seem to be going out of my mind but at the same time, everything is in its right place and I am right where I am supposed to be.

The problem with feeling something so amazing is that it’s hard to come down from it. Anything less than that is considered unsatisfactory and I know for sure that is the biggest reason why I get so bored with a lot of women I’ve met here in LA. Of course, I will meet the ones that has the huge potential to light that spark but it just so happens that she’s either taken already, just got off of a 5 year relationship gone bad or she’s too career minded to even consider the possibility of dating. C’est la vie, I suppose.

Of course, the best thing I can do is to just enjoy life as it is and not let these concerns get in my way too much. After all, what you most desire usually comes to you when you least expect it. Which I guess is Fate’s way of saying get busy with every other aspect of my life and maybe the forces unknown will slip something good along my way (which I think is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard, but more often than not, it ends up being true).

— On a random side note, people have asked if I considered that I might be gay. The best test that I conducted was in college where I kissed a dude and just to see what that felt like. Yeeeah, I’m totally straight. And no, it’s not the “you haven’t kissed the right man” argument that you may say, I just know. Okay let’s just get to the nasty part: I LOVE the vajajay and the boobies and the essence that is WOMAN. Goodness. —

Back on track, so yeah, it’s hard finding that perfect woman. There’s no good way of wrapping this post up neatly since all I can really do is just keep living, enjoying life, be humble & genuine, always open to meeting new people, and dare to take risks.


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