HanSarang Thoughts #4: I Don’t Want To Do Jack Sh*t

An old high school friend of mine is here to stay in Los Angeles for the next 5 days and since I picked him up at the LAX several days ago, the severe temptation to harken back to my high school days of being absolutely reckless was brought back in full force. While it was fortunate that he stayed mostly with my other old high school friend who is living here, the memories of careless youth would be present in a wonderful foggy haze.

But I must be getting old because as present as these temptations are, my “mature” sensible adult self would kick into place and carefully monitor any reckless behavior. “Sure, you can have fun”, my mind and body says, “but we will never allow you to wreck your body like you used to do. Plus, you’re not at the invincible age of 17 or even 21 anymore so at the age of 25, it is crucial you take care of us.”
You make a good point, oh body & mind.

I listen to them well because I’ve grown old enough to trust my intellect and guts more. But a part of me does get saddened by the fact that I am now more and more becoming the harumph adult that my younger self would fling a booger at, the kind of boring old responsible person that needs to turn home early so he can get some work done or be prepared for that audition or casting director workshop early in the morning the next day. I just want to toss around, jump, and yell like a hilarious immature mad boy but even that thought isn’t appealing after 5 minutes of musing.

I must be getting old alright…

and I guess I’m totally okay with that 🙂


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