NPM 2012 #29: Talk But No Spark?

I do not necessarily call myself the most observant type
but I try the best that I can
especially when I’m looking at a beautiful woman
sitting right next to me
whether it be a bar, cafe,
or the In N’ Out food line.

First hurdle overcome is when
I’m actually engaging with her in a conversation
that has lasted beyond 5 minutes.

Second hurdle overcome is when
there’s frequent eye contact
so at least I know there’s a connection going on.

Third hurdle overcome is when
I stop thinking of hurdles to overcome
and get back to focusing on the girl solely.

It is in this time period that I am feeling for that
that vastly desired spark,
the spark to determine

do we have it?

This is where my observant skills are shot to hell
because I am going on my own eskewed perception
of whether or not there is chemistry going on here
whether I think this girl is actually interested in me
or is she just being really nice and deflecting?
I can’t tell
it’s hard to tell
eye contact is definitely important
maintain gaze
see if she turns away
shit, I’m thinking too much again
thinking is going on overdrive
but it’s okay
I’ll attempt to keep up my charm
and keep her engaged
and somewhere during this conversation
I ask with definition
if she would like to get coffee sometimes.

Okay so I asked it
it’s now out in the open
it is here that I can clearly tell
if this conversation was worth the trouble
and in this particular case,
I’m actually not that sure.



One comment

  1. jenielle · August 8, 2012

    You make it too difficult if she smiles at you…and I mean a real smile, that all there is to tell. why make it so complicated?

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