NPM 2012 #22: Being New To Tragedy

If I had to count the number of times in my life
where I endured true tragedy in the loss
of a loved one
whether it be a family member or friend
It is the number that comes with the peace sign.

Perhaps it’s because I haven’t suffered enough tragedy
but there’s a part of me that bizarrely feels like
I am a complete pansy when it comes to dealing with loss
like I shouldn’t be so emotional about it and buck up
or something to that rough-edged degree.

But then again,
there is no true way to cope with tragedy
and at the very least,
I need to work hard to turn this moment of grief
into a moment of celebration
for the particular individual
and the gift they gave
with being that wonderful unique being that they are.

It’s easier said than done though.


One comment

  1. Gnstr · April 23, 2012

    You are right, its easier said than done. I guess if we approach life like a journey, with a full realisation that anyone external – be it a wife, your child, or the man you bumbed into at the local coffee shop – is a passerby, then maybe it becomes easier. Having said that I once asked my mother about this , after the death of my grandmother and she said “as you bury more and more people, friends, family, it becomes easier to bury others, even theough the pain never leaves, You just learn to hide it” which to me means, as you grow older and see more people pass to the other side, you get to accept the reality even more.

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