NPM 2012 #18: Stage 4 Cancer

It is truly a blessing
a miracle even
for a human being
to retain their energy, spirit, and heart
when dealing with something so massive
as a stage 4 cancer
it requires almost
a Herculean effort
to pull such a feat off.


It does not entail you
to use the cancer
as your golden card
to get away with
being a complete heinous bitch from hell.

Telling me I need to shower you
with only adoration and gratitude
that I need to take your bullshit
as God’s most precious gifts,
that I need to be treated like shit
and apologize for everything you deem unpleasing,
will only make me stare at you
in absolute freezing coldness
and actually not care
that you have your cancer
it makes me not only care
but it makes me want to go
right into your face
and yell


I then realize for saying such words
I will automatically be deemed an awful human being
and I guess I am completely okay with that
I’m certainly no angel
nor am I a 100% pleasant guy to be around with
sometimes, when people push me
I push back with a severe foul mouth
waiting to just go.

But at the very least,
I guess I have tact,
so I choose to express my rage
for this inconsequential poem.



  1. jerbat · April 19, 2012

    well, at least you got the “inconsequential” part right!

    • eddlyhong · April 19, 2012

      awwww look at you, leaving negative flowers everywhere!

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