NPM 2012 #17: Old friends, but not forgotten

Old friends that have
once been in my life
stay with me always
never actively sought but
never truly forgotten.

There are some that you can pick up right where you left off
and you two can share the laughs in your old memories
and if time permits,
create some remarkable new ones.

take a lot more
to turn the wheel
that once defined
the relationship
the two of you
but you once you get it going,
it’s a beautiful thing once again and the life between the two of you
can flow like relieved soothing water.

Then there are those
who you know is better off
not involved in your life
this is me
this is you
and that’s just the way it’s gonna be.

I get sad when I think of the last ones
wondering where in our relationship
did it all go wrong
did I do something
did I say something
did I do nothing?

Is this why
we are like this?

But like the river passing by,
I guess there are some friendships
I need to just let go,
let it flow into the stream.


Don’t tell anyone this
but I guess I sort of cheated
because I’m still carrying a small pebble
of what we once shared together.


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