NPM 2012 #3: To The Girl Who Lost Her Dearly Beloved Phone

To the girl I joked over the loss of her phone,

I had no idea that your phone was the same
as you losing a loved one
someone living and breathing
and in a cruel sudden moment,
turning still and pale.

But perhaps this must be the day and age
where an electronic talking device
is just the same as losing a loved one
after all,
all those contacts you lost
will never be retrieved again
(oh wait, that’s not true).

But perhaps you may have pictures of loved ones
of people who have long departed
all stored in one central location
your phone
to which you dropped while getting piss drunk
at some trash disco bar filled with ditzy piss.

It then makes me want to ask you
why the fuck
would you keep all those precious memories
in a device that stays with you
as much as your clothes do
on a daily basis.

If that wasn’t bad enough
I need to deal with your friends
wishing me bad karma
telling me I’m such a horrible person
insulting my lack of empathy,
(to which the last part may be very true,
by the way.)

But perhaps I need to experience your loss
have my phone be flung over somewhere
or drunkenly forgotten on a grimy couch
or eaten by a very hungry PMSing pitbull
and then
only then
can I understand
your pain.


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