random hair growing near man nipple

An inner yelp is released
when I take a good look
at my average quasi-chiseled,
quasi-flabby body,
and I notice a long hair strand
resting comfortably
right next to my man nipple,
my proud mipple area.

I can only ask myself:
“where did this come from?”
“do other east asian men get this?”
“do other men in GENERAL get this?”
“what is the use of having hair grown there?”

Questions I can only ask myself
into the mirror landscape of slight confusion
and wondering what I should do next,
wondering if I should let it grow
and perhaps
imagine that it becomes a 3rd arm,
or if I should pluck it out now
and avoid any awkward situations
of people wondering why hair grows there.

But damn,
how DID it grow so long?


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