One Time

So there was this one time
where I was sky high on life
and treated a 151 like water,
a Jack like it was a dainty Diane,
and a Jose Cuervo as my S&M slave,
and ended up becoming a slave
to the forces of my inner craziness.

I saw a row of trash cans
and magically,
they became bowling pins
and me, their bowling ball emperor
as I subjugated them
by rolling right into them.

Drunk with power (alcohol),
I rolled into the empty dirty Shinchon streets,
laughing like a devious mastermind
that I imagined myself to be,
and rolypolied in victory.

Perhaps as a divine sign of punishment,
the rest of the night
consisted of much vomiting
as I spewed all the beautiful chaos out of me
and into a garbage can, the toilet, or outside a cab window.

Oh how I miss Seoul.


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