Tetsuo: Part I

My name is Tetsuo Shima
I an 16 years old
I live in Neo Tokyo
My best friend is Shotaro Kaneda
who I have come to see as a brother
as I never had parents of my own,
loving parents to take care of me.

I think I remember them
before the explosion
before the flash of light
that would change my life.

I remember my mom’s laugh,
my dad’s goofy smile
and the airplane rides he gave me
with his really large feet.

That’s all I remember of them.

Everything after that,
living in an orphanage,
I was known as the crybaby
I would always be picked on
I was never the cool one
and I grew to despise myself,
despise my own fraility,
despise people all around me,
as I saw nothing worth liking.

I wish I can step on them,
like I step on the roaches
living in my dank small room.

Kaneda came into my life later
and I immediately trusted him
as he actually took notice of me,
he would defend me
against the other bullies
and would give me advice
from everything,
to how to fight effectively,
to how to woo and charm women,
even though I scratch my head
when he would receive more slaps
than kisses.

But Kaneda,
I don’t know,
I don’t think he actually sees me
as a person that can actually grow up,
he always puts me down
in all the smallest ways
and it just makes me despise myself
that I have come to depend on an individual
who can never see me as a man.


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