Person of Color

The more I really think about it
the more I think the term
“Person of Color”,
is actually quite stupid.

Everybody in this world
has a color to their skin,
(yes, even white people)
and to say that term only applies
to black people
or maybe other repressed minorities,
is a belief that grows sillier with sprouting horns
as I try to comprehend its significance
that has been imposed on me
by self-professed racial activists and scholars
refusing to let go of their narrow-minded worlds.

I am only a minority
if I see myself as a minority
and while I should not discredit who I am
I am not going to let the limitations of society,
nor my own peers,
stop me in what I want to achieve.

This color I possess,
while I acknowledge its difficulties,
have a unique pride and quality
that I would not trade for the whole world
so while I am a person of color,
I am also not
for I am me,
I am Edward Hong,
I am yellow,
my color comes with stories
just like your white, black, red, and brown skins.

So really,
we are all colored.

Let’s mix the paint colors up,
shall we?


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