Slam Poets All Sound the Same

Before I begin,
I must humbly declare
that I am just a simple poet
with a very simple imagination
so what I must say next
can be brushed off as
the ramblings of an overly critical artist.

But if I am to be guilty of being so
then at the very least
I know what is real to me
and what strikes me in the heart
and what doesn’t strike me,
and so this I must say:

With the exception of a few,
i have come to notice
that a lot of slam poets,
whether unknown
or well renowned,

They begin their poem
with this sense of elevated pause
rising to almost a comical effect,
or with a blitz-like delivery,
rushing in like a clumsy waterfall,
but what’s even more interesting
is seeing their speech patterns
rise and fall,
stop and go,
almost like staccatos being turned into
very serious objects

Or to see these poets
use incredibly sophisticated language
of metaphors, similes,
and advanced who-gives-a-fuck vocabulary,
that it seems that I must use a dictionary,
rather than my heart,
to understand
what the fuck
the poet is talking about.

The only problem
with what I am declaring now
is that when an overwhelming number of poets do this,
poets who have won numerous accolades
and praises from fans all over,
does it just make me look untalented
that I am criticizing it in the first place?

Like I said in the beginning,
I am a simple poet,
and I know that
a simple conversation,
an honest conversation,
between two people,
is just as artistic
is just as meaningful
as a polished, eloquent masterpiece,
if not more.

One can argue that a conversation,
it can’t be called art,
there has to be rhythm,
there has to be flow,
there has to be jazz and spice,
and all that special ingredients,
to even deserve being called a poem.

There is truth to that
and I do believe
that one must paint a vivid imagery
with their words
that one must hold their audience’s hearts
with their words
in order to declare that their creation
can be considered a work of art,
regardless of what the world thinks.

is when one can tap into their imagination
can pull out their worst demons
and bare it all for the world to see
with no fear
with no hesitation.

But I challenge these poets
to present their raw works
as if it was just a conversation
between you
and me
ignore this mike
ignore the fame
ignore the cheers of the crowd
and just

I want to hear your story
as it is.



  1. cristina · August 3, 2011


  2. Lisa B. · November 23, 2011


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