inspired by the peter king hearing

ignorance is a powerful thing
and from ignorance,
fear and hatred is born.

Fear and Hatred
spawns itself into many forms
from the obvious ones:
slur-filled graffiti,
frenzied lynch mobs,
the KKK,
a baseball bat swing to the head,

to the subtler forms:
political acts veiled by the intention
to do “good” for the “general public”.

These acts range from
the Chinese Exclusion Act,
the Jim Crow laws,
the Japanese American internment camps,
Prop 8,

and now,
a congressional hearing that took place
on March 10th, 2011
to deal with the “problem”
of radical Muslims hiding
in the Muslim American community.

I wonder if Peter King took a good look
at the ignorance blocking his brain stems,
obscuring his mind with political jargons of
state of the American security this,
protection of the homeland that,
and realize that his topic of radicalization
is somehow only targeting a single group of people.

Fear and Hatred once again
does not belong to a single group of people
but affects us all
so if you must scrutinize the hatred of one,
you must first scrutinize the hatred
within yourself.


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