Broken teeth & Medicaid

Medicaid is what I hear,
and for the Cali broke folks,
it’s Medical.

What are they?
They are state aid dental insurances
that do absolute jack shit
ESPECIALLY if you’re over 21.

And so you call,
trying to find a dentist
open at 3am
but come on,
dentists aren’t robots.

Chances are,
you will be calling this place
that helps you find dentists
and during late night shifts,
you will get a 1/5 chance
that one of the call center operators will be me
so you will talk to me
and because I tend to get emotionally receptive
you tell me your life story
you spill me your woes

Single mother of four
laid off from her job
excruciating toothache

74 year old veteran
on crippling disability
needs dentures he can’t afford

Young high school girl
living in the projects
got her teeth knocked out by her boyfriend

These are the stories I hear
These stories end with a Blue button
Telling me that I can’t help you
For not that many dentists takes
the insurance you cling
in your belief to save you,
The craptastic Medicaid.

Working here
has made me realized
how extremely
and utterly broke
so many people are.


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