Preaching to the choir

As a person of color,
I know how good it feels
to rant about white folks,
call them ignorant this,
call them racist that,
get that foul shit off your chest
because in our safe space
we have a place to vent
and know that we are not crazy
for the hurt that we feel.

So we take this safe space
and create entire organizations out of it,
we craft its mission
to create awareness to all,
educate the ignorant & misinformed,
and defuse the hatred out there.

But somewhere in the shuffle
we forget that our goal is to reach out,
that this is not the same ranting space
that you found comfort amongst your friends,
forgetting that we are here
to help not only ourselves
but our white brothers and sisters as well
and help them understand,
(not alienate),
one step at a time.

Hear me though,
this is not the same
as feeling sorry for them
or pitying them
because it is also important
to stand firm in the face of vile hatred

Because people who discriminate like that,
even if they don’t call it hate themselves,
they are ignorant.

But like any human being
we can all be ignorant about any issue
and I can speak honestly for myself
that I am ignorant about so many things.

And so the question for me is then:
Who has helped me understand
when I didn’t understand something?
And how was it done?
Who will help them understand?

We are in this together
for struggle is all connected
and although I may stumble,
allow my emotions to get the best of me,
I will remember that the choir I preach to
The choir I want to reach to
The choir is you.


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