My Universe

To get the most out of life,
one must reach for the sky,
or so they say.

Nah, that’s not for me.
I’ll reach for the sky, sure,
but I won’t stop there.

Once I reach the sky, I’ll reach for the moon
Once I reach the moon, I’ll reach for the stars
Once I reach the stars, I’ll reach for the galaxy
Once I reach the galaxy, I’ll teach for the universe
Once I reach the universe, I’ll high five God.

But God shakes his head with a wispy smile,
touches me gently on my shoulder,
He tells me:

“Your universe isn’t out there,
It’s back on Earth so–”

I interrupt God
but I quickly apologize
(in fear that He’ll strike me with bolts)
and I respond back to him:

“Look right behind me
for I brought my universe
along for the ride,
the friends and family
who moved me
who shook me
who dared me
who inspired me
who motivated me
who loved me.

They’re all here,
here to stay
for without them,
I wouldn’t have been able to high five you!”


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