Cookie Sex

Eyes flare up
Heart beats faster
Taste buds kick into overdrive
Nostrils dance in glee
I see fresh Mrs. Fields cookies
Singing love ballads right before me.

As the magnificent employee
nearly scalds her finger tips
from touching the hot fresh cookies
I jump side to side,
barely able to hold still
to get the heavenly treats
inside my voracious belly.

One free give-me
for three cookies,
just for me?
Give me, give me!

The four delectable delights
crowd themselves into the bag
but end up toppling on top of each other,
making hot sex with each other,
and rapidly transform
into a ball of gooey love.

I reach my hand into
the cookie orgasm,
feeling the cookies breathing heavy,
tear the cooked dough out with passion,
and shred through the sweetness
like a sex deprived hyena.


One comment

  1. olaybu · January 6, 2011

    very nice site thanks alot my friend

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