What are angels
other than magnificent?
We know them as
heavenly beings,
celestial beings of light,
the saviors to illuminate
our confused lost souls.

But this poem isn’t about them
No, this poem is for the ones
that we consider to be damned
the ones that angels are obligated to destroy
for they are
the darkness that grips us,
the ugliness that fester inside of us,
They are the demons
that live inside of us.

These demons are said to be responsible
for all the evil in this world,
the evil we not only inflict on others
but inflict on ourselves.

There are many demons
(too many to count)
but you may know some of them personally,
some you may know on first name basis
like Self-Hatred, Rage, and Lust,
or you may know their greener siblings
like Greed, Jealousy, and Gluttony.

Nobody loves these demons,
after all,
why should they?
They create the monsters
that walk amongst us
They create the lost hopes
that fade away from us.
If it weren’t for these demons,
we would be at eternal peace
and forever happy.

But if it weren’t for these demons
How would you know the true meaning of struggle?
How would you know what true meaningful love really is?
How would you know what iron-forged resolve tasted like?
How would you know what the human spirit is truly capable of
if it weren’t for these demons?

So look at your demons one more time
and instead of locking them away
and throwing them into the dungeons of your mind,
give them a gentle kiss on their foreheads
and tell them,
tell them that they are beautiful.


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