Fuzzy blanket

Winter is coming
the chill is in the air
and my two thin blankets
just won’t do.

So I went on a lazy tour
around the bustling super mall
filled to the brim with
frenzy minded holiday shoppers
I walked hummingly through them
looking for the perfect winter blanket.

There I found it
the perfect winter blanket
perched nicely in a cozy aisle
at a bright red Target store.

It was fuzzy to my touch
and it has enchanted me so for
fuzzy blanket captured my senses,
fuzzy blanket wooed my fingers,
fuzzy blanket warmed my heart,
fuzzy blanket came home with me.

I look forward to your embrace,
oh fuzzy wuzzy brown beauty.


One comment

  1. Brent · December 6, 2010

    There is nothing like a brown fuzzy blanket….

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