Pride in Knowing and Doing…EVERYTHING

I hate it when people tell me
“You don’t know”
I hate it when people tell me
“You can’t do it”
I hate it so much
that I create tremendous pride
in what I can do
and what I do know,
in the grand scheme of things,
isn’t all that much.

But you’re gonna have a hard time
getting me to admit that
for my pride is great
it is comfortable,
it is seductive
and it is invisible

Because of this,
I am not aware of myself
and my growing naggy companion
until you are so frustrated
by my insufferable pride
that you have to shake that
into my thick skull.

I become distressed
by you becoming distressed
and your loud intense volume
and as a result,
I see the large ungainly pride
getting fat right inside of me.


One comment

  1. ClassicalLiberal · December 2, 2010

    i think when you’re completely comfortable and secure in saying “i don’t know”, you’ll maintain your pride and you’ll also earn a lot of respect and endearment. i like it when people can admit their flaws and feel fine about it, even feel good about it. it shows they don’t think they have to know it nor do they believe others have to know it all. the worst people are those who look down on others simply because they don’t know something. and sometimes those same people look down on themselves for not knowing. it’s okay to not know everything as long as you’re willing to learn and willing to teach.

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