Fame & Mixers

At this current moment in my life
in this acting world that I inhabit
(and wish to succeed in)
I am a nobody.

In the grander scheme of things
I am a somebody
with God as my witness
that I am so
for I am fierce
I am bold
I am unpredictable
and I am beautiful.

But in the context of these
and sooooirreeees,
I hold no importance to the celebrities
that were the reason why these events
were created in the first place.

$100 just to go to this fancy event
and schmooze with celebrity actors
and other “noted” figures
who most likely
wouldn’t give two shit pennies about me?

I’ll pass.

I’d rather be writing poetry,
hang out with my friends,
eat yet another Cinnabon,
catch up on my television shows,
geek out on my video games,
read another Rumi poem and be inspired,
and enjoy all the things
where I can feel like myself.

what if my hard work paid off
or the Gods smiled upon me
and I became the so-called celebrity
asked to grace his presence
in a fancy schmancy event?

Would I turn it down?

Probably not.

Being real with myself
and knowing my pride
I wouldn’t say no
but that’s as far as I can go
in terms of guessing
what I might do
when that situation occurs.

When that day comes
it will merit a serious introspection
and most likely,
a poem to talk about it
and whether or not
I have been seduced
by the allure of Fame.



  1. JihadPunk77 · November 28, 2010

    another ace piece !! much luv, Eddy

  2. James Bernabe · November 28, 2010


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