To the brother I never had

You were supposed to be two years older than me
but the higher powers had other plans
and decided that you weren’t fit to live
and although you fought as hard as you could
in the bitter end,
your lungs just weren’t strong enough.

Where I am now,
as an only child,
I wonder what life would’ve been like
if you were in my life,
dear brother.

Would my childhood days have been more bearable
if I had you that I could count on?

Instead of days playing by myself with my Lego toys
and avoiding the outside world with my computer games,
would you have played with me and told me I was the bestest brother ever?

When dad would have his fits of rage,
would you have protected me and taken the blows yourself?

When Seung Hui Cho shocked the nation,
would you have told me that I was nothing like him?

Would life be radically different from what it is now,
if the Gods granted you stronger lungs?


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