you know who you are

So I’m here in LA
trying to be an actor
hustling to do what it takes
to be successful in what I love to do
but fortune or fame does not matter
when I don’t have those who see me
as I truly am

It is therefore my greatest success story
that there is a core group of people I call home
people who understand me and provoke me
in all the most inspiring and frustrating ways.

Steve Nguyen
Nga Truong
Tommy Su
Derek Ueda
Caesar Marmolejo

These are the folks that I have as my center
these are the folks that I share distinctive memories
that makes them special in all their unique ways.

Steve Nguyen
tall, lanky, laidback goofball
the first person who reached out to me
when I first arrived in Los Angeles
without really knowing who I am
but gave me faith that I would be somebody.

Nga Truong
sweet, compassionate Southern belle
whose heart is the size of a fiery sun
her love for cooking gives great comfort
to all us lazy boys lounging at her house
a true darling in every single way.

Tommy Su
infinite eating machine with infinite surprises
he’s a man that has the energy of a machine
but the love of a large fuzzy teddy bear
all wrapped up in his hyperactive body.

Derek Ueda
tall, stoic mohawk mystery
whose laugh shakes his entire body
one of the most genuine laughs you’ll ever see
he has a hard time disliking anything
in fact, he’s quite the opposite
and shows his love through constant “Like” clickings.

and finally

Caesar Marmolejo.


He’s a hard one.

If I was Batman, he would be my Joker
the man who is the x-factor to every occassion
the shock factor that you can count on
to say the most awful, terrible, hilarious things possible
but more importantly, the most honest
bullshit is not in his vocabulary
and despite his frequent homoerotic prods and pokes
and occassional unwanted kisses on the cheek
a good man who only wants the best for his friends.


One comment

  1. Caesar Marmolejo · November 16, 2010

    Awwwwwwww Yeah

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