The Little Things

When life is throwing speeding bullets your way
when you’re catching your breath just to exist
when everything seems to be falling apart


Frolick and inhale the chilly autumn air like it was food
Smile at the chubby baby smiling at you so freely
Enjoy that Cinnabon that’s freshly baked in front of you
Laugh like an idiot at the pigeon eating your sandwich
Hug your friend and make pirate noises while you do it
Dance in the middle of the street to your favorite jam
Sing like a rockstar in your car while stuck in rush hour traffic
Make funny faces to yourself while you look in the mirror
Wear horribly mismatched clothing because you can
Get that ultra large chocolate banana strawberry smoothy!

Do the little things that bring an inkling of energy to your life
the energy that reminds you the joy of being alive and breathing
being alive, being connected to everybody and everything
and take the time to just be
and for a brief moment in time
don’t give a damn
about the hurry scurry world around you.


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