Puffy Clouds

I am extremely fascinated with puffy clouds
the ones that look so bouncy and voluminous
floating playfully along on the bright blue sky.

And no
I am not high
nor on any substance as
I stare in awe at these simple fluffy clouds
to tell you the truth
I am incredibly giddy
after eating a nice soft Cinnabon.

I take a pause in whatever I’m doing
or stopping a few seconds too long
at a green light with cars honking behind me
to look out for these nimbuses, cirruses, and stratocumuluses
all conversing happily with each other
while noticing a sour dark path in the horizon
and taking my time to notice
its own unique dark beauty as well.

These clouds are a reminder for me
and for my own soul and well-being
to take the time once in a whole
stroll and skeddadle down to a park
get comfortable with the grass
(and the scurrying ants)
and stare straight up into the sky
get to be first name basis with the clouds
and let my imagination run wild.


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