The Sloth

In days when I can’t catch a break
I dream of a lazy yawning day
where I can do whatever I want
wake up whenever I want
see (or not see) whoever I want
and make my terriblely simple homecooked meals
however I want.

Days like these were plentiful
during my slothlike childhood
but growing older has made me realize
how I much miss being that idiotic sloth,
waking up with a slight drool on my face
yawning oh so contently while
stumbling and meandering
through daylight.

So I give tribute to my former state of being
with a raised glass
of apple juice,
a box of Lunchables pizza,
while watching cartoons of my nostalgia
whenever I have a few spare hours to give.

Here’s a toast to the sloth!
May you always be a part of me
till my dying days.


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