Oh how I love thee.

You are so
sinfully gluttonous
yet so heavenly tasty,
and you have been a part of me
ever since my troubled youth.

When I first took a bite of you
back when I was a confused middle schooler
there were hallelujahs raining down
upon my unsuspecting taste buds
I reveled in your blissfully sweet taste,
a taste that is made only complete by
the soft bread rolls that gets even softer
as you reach the center of its magnificence,
the seductive cinnamon brown sugar
wrapped with the bread rolls like an intense lover,
and the incomparable white cream frosting
that only wants you yelling for more.

Soon after,
I was departed from you
but the separation was too great
the departure was far too long
and high school was a torment
because of your absence.

Although my life was incomplete,
it was in my distance from you
that when I came to the city of Angels
I discovered your true purpose.

You are a mystical comfort healer
in all the strangest ways
every time I had
Days when I was unhappy
Days when I was confused
Days when I was depressed
Days when I was heartbroken
Days when I was conflicted
Days when I hated myself.

I find it beautifully odd how I can find
so much jubilation
so much peaceful solace
I take.

I find peace in knowing that
you are always there for me
shining in your bright blue and white sign
always there to greet me with your sweet smile
in the form of a swirl that centers into true beauty.


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