There was a time when I thought
Halloween was one of the best holiday ever
I thought it was the coolest thing to
dress up as anything you want to be and
go on a night adventure bouncing from house to house
getting the next batch of candies
screaming in glee (or absolute terror)
at my friend’s homemade horror house

Now I’m all grown up,
and slightly more mature
but with a lot less time than ever before
and I now think Halloween is the most useless holiday ever
because I’m way too old to go trick or treatin’
and it’s not quite the same wonder effect
when it becomes an excuse for women
to dress up in their most skankiest outfit
and have men holler and hoot at them.

I always told myself
that I can keep an element of childhood
no matter how old I am
that I can always be young in heart and soul
but I know that’s not true
when I compare myself to the excitement
I would feel when I was young
to the complete apathy I feel now.

The thought that such a change can occur
brings a somber depressing cloud over me
and I wonder if I’m growing up too fast.

So I stare at my Cinnabon and
I just hope my love for it


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