My oh my
I didn’t expect to hear from you
nor did I expect for you to tell me
how significant our friendship was to you
and here I was,
always wondering if you even cared
always confused what you thought of me
so forgive me for my surprise
for I simply had no idea.

You start off by immediately telling me
that you have come to terms that
our friendship has officially ended
that even if I did respond to you
you tell me you can’t promise me
to keep in touch
you tell me you can’t guarantee
that our friendship can continue.

But then you tell me
how much I made an impact in your life
how much I mean to you
words I have never heard you say to me
during our time that we’ve known each other
and you dare say it has ended?

Are you crazy??

I nearly cried reading your words
knowing that I still mean something
to another person in this world
to another person who I thought didn’t care
and then you take that away from me
by telling me that it has ended.

Do you know what that feels like?

That’s like putting in some much-needed battieres
to the Energizer Bunny who is deprived of connection
you give me the spark that I thought we lost
but then you rip out my bunny head
because you think it’s defective.

You first give me batteries and then you take off my head?
Give me my freaking head back!

We’re going to fight for this now
and you’re not going to leave my life
without me fighting fiercely for it
without me having a damn say in this

Because I don’t know if you realize
friendships are worth more to me
than any fortune or fame
and I will go over to the ends of the earth
to reclaim all the friendships
that have departed from me
and are drifting in the sea.

Now that I see you floating out there
giving your flare signal that this means something
you better not goddamn move from your spot
because I’m coming over to find you.


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