Lazy eye

I got me the lazy eye
where if you look real closely
you’ll see that my left eye
is a bit bigger than my right eye.

I found this out just today:
my photographer was my doctor
and as he was diagnosing me slowly
with his snapped pictures
and flashing bright lights
he hesitantly informed me that I have
the lazy eye.

A. Should I feel concerned?
B. Should I feel special?
C. Or should I feel nothing at all?

My current emotional answer is C.
and that’s what kinda bothers me
knowing that if I want to be an actor
shouldn’t an actor be looking,
well you know,
as perfect as possible?

Perhaps I should make friends with my lazy eye
acknowledge that this is what makes me unique
instead of trying to be like everybody else
because I already know that even without it
I’m not like everybody else
and would be foolish of me to even attempt to be.

So hello lazy eye!



  1. Kimberly's Page · October 20, 2010

    Very nice, perfect response in my opinion.

  2. Jingle · October 20, 2010

    so well put.
    beautiful emotions.

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